Not every monday

Not all mondays are good to do great things. Today is Tuesday in most of the planet (even when here is still Monday), so I asked to myself "Why not go and deploy a blog today?" and here we are!

I hope to be active enough to keep you people posted about all my goals with this blog which are:

  • Help other people finding themselves in the "Work from Home" jungle
  • Front End Development (Some of you can be more experienced than me, and opinions are always welcome)
  • Drupal 8/9 Front End Development
  • Headless Drupal
  • Headless Websites
  • CMS-less websites!
  • And more stuff that currently I can't remember.

I will most likely be sharing stuff from:

1.className {
2 display: none;

To :

Created with Figma

So, I hope you enjoy the ride!